Concept and curation by Gebrüder Teichmann & Makoto Oshiro
 unrest 62|22 two days program linking Tokyo and Berlin on occasion of the 60th anniversary of Goethe-Institut Tokyo.
Together with Makoto Oshiro the Teichmanns have conceptualized a music program for the 60th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Tokyo, which bridged the gap between historical works from the 60s and today and, via identical acoustic projection spaces, short-circuits Berlin and Tokyo for a moment.
With pieces by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Yasunao Tone and live music by Mieko Suzuki (live electronics), Makoto Oshiro (soundart), Naoko Kikuchi (Koto), Gebrüder Teichmann (live sampling), YPY (Electronics), Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (drums, percussion & objects), ju sei (Songs & etc.), Tomoya Matsuura, okachiho.
Sound projection by Juan Verdaguer.
As a prelude, Hainbach gave a performative lecture on technology and techniques of early electronic music at Superbooth 2022, which is still available here.


Gebrüder Teichmann, Sandeep Bagwhati + Ensemble Extrakte
How does music transform when it crosses listening traditions? Starting from an album by Ensemble Extrakte, 4 successive live concerts and their sound and video recordings gradually interweave. Following Bhagwati's instructions, the musicians comment on, accompany, imitate the preceding concert, before they themselves become the inspiration for the following one - as acoustic memories in the headphones of their colleagues, and as fragments and samples in the sound of the Teichmann Brothers. Here one can listen spellbound and see how new music emerges: designed but unpredictable, guided yet involuntary, rich in tension - and in unexpected beauty. In between, the historian of science Hans-Jörg Rheinberger will reflect on such "iterative listening as artistic research".
Musicians: Deniza Popova (Stimme), Ravi Srinivasan (Tabla, Stimme), Lucy Zhao (Pipa), Wu Wei (Sheng, Erhu), Eva Glasmacher (Stimme), Sören Birke (Bluesharmonika, Duduk), Elshan Ghasimi (Tar, Stimme), Klaus Janek (Bass), Simone Heilgendorff (Viola), Claudius von Wrochem (Cello), Gregor Schulenburg (Flöte, Duduk), Naoko Kikuchi (Koto), Gebrüder Teichmann (Live-Elektronik, Live-Sampling)
Musical instructions (Video): Sandeep Bhagwati, Album: ITERATIONEN - resonant responses to a live concert (Noland NO5), Live-Video: Dirk Lamprecht,  Video Pre-Production: Lutz Glandien, Audiotechnik & Aufnahmen: Ron Schneider, Projektmanagement: Hanna Grzeskiewicz, Design: Brenda Alamilla


,Fieldlines' was an inter-traditional and inter-generational musical collaboration that took place in Rajasthan, India as part of the Magnetic Fields Festival in December 2019.
Fieldlines' was made possible with a Goethe-Institut Coproduction Fund grant and collaboration between Magnetic Fields Festival, Gebrüder Teichmann and their label Noland.
The residency featured folk musicians Hakim Khan, Kultla Khan, Firoz Khan and folk singer Sumitra Devi alongside German producers and cultural activists Gebrüder Teichmann & their dad Uli, Kolkata-based sound artist Bidisha Das and translator Akshatha Shetty.


In May 2015 experimental electronic musicians from Germany, Pakistan and the Maledives followed the call of Andi & Hannes Teichmann, the Forever South Crew and the Goethe Institut to meet in Karachi, Pakistan. A house was transformed into temporary recording studio and a place to meet, inspire, record, play, eat and sometimes sleep.
These recordings are bundled on the album "Karachi Files", that is the first release on Teichmann´s new label imprint NOLAND. Released in may 2016.
Participating musicians:
rRoxymore (Germany, France), Rudoh (Pakistan), Dynoman (Pakistan), Toll Crane (Pakistan), Alien Panda Jury (Pakistan), Natasha Humera Ejaz (Pakistan), Menimal (Maledives), Taprikk Sweeze (Germany), Arttu (AKA Lump) (Germany, Finland), Ramsha Shakeel (Pakistan, Canada), Gebrueder Teichmann (Germany) and the Berlin based fotographer Pablo Lauf.
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In Februar 2015 experimental musicians from Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Germany followed the call of Andi & Hannes Teichmann, Can "Khan" Oral and the Goethe Institut to meet in the magic Village of Malinalco Mexico. Together they formed the band Mondmaschine.
In cooperation with the mexican videoart duo Viral Inc. a Jodorovsky inspired music movie about the circle of life was shot in the local surrounding and presented with a live soundtrack of Mondmaschine at the Nrmal Festival 2015 in Mexico City and later at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

Andi Teichmann (Live Electronics, Germany), Can 'Khan' Oral (Vocoder/Ukulele, Germany), Clau Fernández (Bass/Guitar, Mexico/USA),Hannes Teichmann (Synths/Processing, Germany), Ingmar Herrera (Electric Sax/ Percutions, Panama), Julian Bonequi (Extended Drums, Mexico), Mabe Fratti (Cello / Vocals, Guatemala), Ronald Bustamante (Electric Guitar/Laptop, Costa Rica), Uli Teichmann (Flute/Clarintette, Germany), Santi Rodríguez (Sound Engineer, Mexico), Ali Mejía (Camera A / Live Timecode, Mexico), Eric Erre (Realtime Videomix/ Post, Mexico),
Guest Musicians: Gudrun Gut (Electronics, Germany), Hans-Joachim Irmler (Synth/Organ, Germany).
Production: Volkmar Liebig Goethe-Institut Mexiko, Eloisa Suarez Goethe-Institut Mexiko.

TEN CITIES 2012-2014

Ten cities, two continents, three disciplines: The project TEN CITIES teams up about 50 DJs, producers and musicians from Berlin, Bristol, Johannesburg, Cairo, Kiev, Lagos, Lisbon, Luanda, Nairobi and Naples, enabling them to produce music together and exchange their knowledge about the club scenes in their countries. At the same time, a research project will use the perspective of club cultures to explore and investigate the term of the public sphere: 23 researchers will work on essays and studies about those partly unknown music scenes and their sub cultures; ten photographers will capture the same on an artistic level.
TEN CITIES is organized by Goethe-Institut Kenya, Adaptr.Org, C/O Berlin, Centre of Postcolonial Studies at the University of Naples, Italy and a network of partners in ten cities.
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From 27th July to 12th August 2012 a selection of 10 South Asian and 7 German electronic music artists spent two weeks of creative time together at Ruskin Island/ Sri Lanka to exchange their knowledge and ideas, form alliances and work together.
Soundcamp is organized in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Delhi, Goethe Institute Colombo.

BLNRB 2009 - 2011

NRBLN - BLNRB is a music project that merges the club music scenes in Berlin and Nairobi
BLNRB is initiated & organized by Goethe-Institut Nairobi and Gebrüder Teichmann.

Welcome To The Madhouse!

Documentary by Christian Fussenegger
BLNRB Music Video Collection_Goethe Nairobi
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